Thursday, 2 May 2019

Baby You Can Drive My Car !!!

Checking the timing on a '75 Beetle, know as the Green Goddess !! 😍

Alex Party has a wiring drama !
But no more, drove away with a Cheesy Grin as big as Cheddar Gorge !! 😁

 Just out and topless my trusty Trekker !! 😎👌👍

WOW, 13 Window Delux. Ready for seat upholstery
1964 !  No Darling, you cannot drive this LA Beauty !! 💖😉

 Rear wheel bearing renewal on an Early Bay 👌🔨🔧👍

Just out the Paint Shop, Deano's Dream Machine !! 🤩🌟

Also Log and Liz '71 West just being fitted up.......looks stunning !!! 💖😍😀😍🚎

 More Soon VW Lovers !!  😀💖💕👌🔧🔨

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