Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy Halloween, The First Recorded Case of Vampirism at Brookside !!!

First Picture of the Suspect !!

Getting back to the VW's

Here is Dave's '75 ice cream bus with her lovely cool blue interior. I'll have a Solero please !

The boys bench test and breath life back into this 1641 cc aircooled engine

Running up the 1641 by the running men !
Alan's lovely '78 funky tin top in for a valve adjust and tune up on her flat four 2.0 engine

This is a nice lowered bus from sunny Oregon !
Jason and the Argonaughts Sundowner in for major body work repairs 

Much more soon and don't be scared of the dark !!
SJ van Vampire xx!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Tony's Bus now French slammed by the Brookside !!

How low can you go !!
Time to go pop pickers and more funky stuff soon from us !!Going to see Elvis !!

New in from USA and up forsale !!

We'll have these beauties looking as good as new in no time.
Just in from USA
Give us a call for full details
07971 209732

Lovely 1971 Westfalia, look at those US bumpers !

Great rear end !

Rare 1971 Riviera, we have never seen one and she's never been welded !

So no hidden nightmares !!

OG interior ......

OG Headlining

and much more !

Great !!!

Krasnaya Octobar has fallen !! Brookside Pincers Capture The Tractor Factory at Stalingrad !!

Hi everyone as crazy as ever!  Here is Jasons T2 having extensive bodywork

The sliding door repaired

Oh dear Si has gone mad with the tin snips !  Not a pretty front end

But hey you can not make an omelet with out breaking any eggs !

Here is the near side repaired

Escape exit Drama !

Note rotten metal marked ready for removal !

Here is the off side arch cut off
Here is another drama its like Eastenders

Looks like Freddy Kruger got to this one !!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Bustober At Brookside

Here we go again Pop Pickers!!  This is Jason's 1978 Sundowner having the front panel carefully removed using a spot welder.

People hack these off and leave no metal to weld to, or more holes than a French Cheese !!
  Cheesy or What !!

I haven't had any Cheese for some time !!

This is Dill's '73 Marc Bolan Bus complete with front end damage !! 

So let's get this one done also !!  And she will look as good as Marlene Dietrich !!

Now Volks....... going to put my old Squadron Leaders Uniform on and my old record player and of course 'Lili Marlene !!   Haha more soon   SJ and the band  x

Split Screen Tyranny

Hey you flowery Volks peoples !

Here we are with Andrew's Flower Power '67 RHD walkthru !  Great !

We have been so busy on this vehicle !

Here is the OG paint bottom door being carefully repaired, low heat so no distorted facts !

The Doormobile gutter has been carefully repaired and the long side panel

Here we go again !!!!     Not everyone has learnt about Splitty Resto..........  We Have !!
And now tens, nay maybe hundreds lay derelict forlorn and open to other Rust Tyranny !!!

We will carry on alone if necessary !!!