Friday, 19 May 2017

May Mahem at Brookside !!

WOW, 1964 Split Screen just in !!

Doormobile roof fitted at last.

 And here she is fabulous,  RHD  walk through, The Flagship of the fleet.

Gorgeous 1641 cc Twin Port Engine painted and almost ready for the build up.

Richard The Lion Heart's T2 of 1979 vintage in for MOT.
Another view of the T2 and look at Charlie's Chocolate Factory T25 in for Electronic Ignition,
a Brookside Summer Sizzler !!!

Betty Brew in for service and MOT , 1971 what a year !!

Hermann Beetle is finished !!       Traffic Stopper !!!
Another Brookside Accolade !!

1978 Karmann Stunner in for a tune up.
Stay in Tune with the Resident DJ - SJ  !!!

T4 Teddy bear in for repair !!

Much more soon VW Fans !!!