Sunday, 5 March 2017

60's Pop Supergroup at Brookside VW's !!!

 Yes it's Hermann's Hermits !!
Hermann the '72 Beetle out of the paintshop in L53 Marina Blue !! 🎨

And here is Charlie's T25 in for 2.0 litre Aircooled conversion.
Going like a Saturn Rocket from Cape Canaveral !! 🚀

Another view of the Rocket Motor !

Chris's Fab T2 Riviera from the US, looks super with new window seals.
Nice detail work on this 4 Sleeper 😉

Greek Dancers and Plate Smashers, Roy and Sarah's Greek bus with Logo's, in for MOT 🔧🔧
Will let you guess who smashes the plates !!! 😀

There's some nice Karma at Brookside nowadays !!
Low light in for engine transplant 😯
'65 LHD ......... Cool !!!  😎

Check your Fuel lines !!!!!  😱😧
or you will be joining The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - "FIRE, I'll Take You To Burn " !!! 🔥

It's all in the Detail !!

Michelle's T25 in for rear wheel bearing replacement.
Check these regular too, or it's "3 Wheels on your Wagon" !!!  😥

Hey, finally, Log and Loz's Patina '71 Beetle. In for service, valve adjustment and electronic ignition.
BOOM ! Power at last !  💨

More soon Rock Chick's, and New Creme Brulee Album out soon !!   😋🌹😆

The '66 Sundial leaves us after full restoration

The '66 Sundial we have worked so hard on restoring has now left us and gone to her new home. 🔧😀

A sad but glorious day. 😎

Transformed to this 


From this 


Brookside VW Aircooled featured on THE CARAVAN CHANNEL tv show


For all you new comer's to Brookside...........

In 2010 The Caravan Channel did a feature on us. 


Brookside VW Aircooled New's Flash !!!!


U.S Carrier Fleet off the coast of Spearhead by U.S.S SARATOGA !!

The Split's are on their way to South Midlands busiest VW Aircooled Garage !!

We need these Splittys for The Salvation of Brookside and the Western World !! 😊 

What this space................... more info to come soon. 🚢🚌🚌 🚢