Friday, 30 November 2018

November at Sunny Brookside !! 🌤

In the Paint Shop, this '64   13window Delux walk through.......Delightful !! 😁
Such a paint combo !! Ceiling wax red and Beige grey.  OG colours for 1964 !!
The roofs were only painted for motor show displays like The Geneva Motor Show !!  👍

Stripped down 1664cc Air Cooled engine, and note the 1963 Subhatch behind !! 👌

Richard and Robin's 1977 Beetle in for repair  🔧

Atmospheric photo of welding in action !!  👍

Marc's Funky Brazilian Beach Bus, all finished 😀

Dave the Rave's Ghia in for small repair on front panel.
1967 and every one was sold off the showroom floor !! Oh I need a TARDIS !! 💖

Also in from 1967 Flower Power Era, this Pontiac Catalina for a brake overhaul 🔧🔧

Young V Dubber Isabella 💖💖💖

And finally, Jason's Karmann Cabriolet, in stunning condition 🌟🌟
In for Full Service .  I't's 1976 and it's a hot summer, I need an ice cream out here !! 🍧🍦

More soon Guys and Gals.
Love from SJ and his Crazy Gang at Brookside VW's 👍👍😁😁

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Bug Jam at Brookside

The '64 Split Screen 13 Window Delux being prepared for new panels 🔧🔧

Going to be Superb !!! 🤩

Heather Beetle of the 1975 Vintage, Look at those curves !!😍

Lovely Slopping Headlamps make this look really Cool !!  😎😎

Rob and Chloe Texan '71 in for MOT and Tune up 😃👍

Ellie's '74 Brazilian Bus, in for some much needed repairs. 🔨🔧
15 windows and 1600cc Aircooled engine 👌😃

Neil's roof rack looks cool !! 😉😉

But Tony of Rothfink Type 2 Fame steals the show !!

Rare 1971 Steel Sunroof Early Bay !! 👍😃

My New Home.
More soon, VW Trekkers !!🚎👍😁🔧

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

D Day at Brookside

Our 1975 Brazilian 15 Window 'Delux. Just waiting for DVLA paperwork 🚎
Up For Sale.....give us a call !!


Lovely Full Width Bed!! Stunning Interior also. Smell the Brazilian Coffee 😃

Going Loco in San Paolo !!

Mike and The Mechanic's Porsche Speedster in for repair. All done and he Took Off Down Flight Deck !! 😁

Here we have Kev's T2 2.0 litre engine bay painted!! The Reverend will be Raving !!  😁

Flat 4 ready to go in. Nice and Easy 👍

T25 Synchro in for Tyre Change.... Never Tyre of seeing this Rare PHD vehicle .

Poor Rob and Chloe were flooded out, so we put them up at The Brookside Hotel!!   All fixed now 😎

Tony's Time Capsule Beetle in for Tune Up and Leaking Gearbox Gaiters. Lovely Patina on this '72 VW 🔧

More soon and look out for New Creme Brulee Summer Smash Hit Single " Your Too Sexy For Your Bus" !!! 🤣🤣

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Brookside Marches On !!

 Snow won't stop us !!

 Brazilian Beauty Nearly Ready to Rumba !!

Love this Funky Bus Pop Pickers !!

1600cc ....   Brakes done and MOT time soon !!  😀

She is having new battery trays and more......... Looking Great  😎

Fitting new centre section on Brazilian Beauty 👍

Hey VW Fans ....... look out for Cremme Brulee at Harry and Meghan's Wedding !!

OK, Kev the Rev Bus in for make up 👌

John ' Jim Beam Bug ' here for MOT   1972  Get Your Glam Rock Kit Out 😉

Lights Camera Action Achtung !!
Fixed the lights so time to Light up the Sky !!

Hay Good Looking!!  Alex Bug in for starter motor. Now he is motoring 😁


 Watch out for that Rust Worm !!  😨

In for Final Finish    Peter's Peach of a Cabriolet  1977 Vintage.
Here comes the Summer  🌞 for this Baby Blue Beauty !!  😎

More soon VW Fans 😁🔨🔧👌🌞

Sunday, 21 January 2018

It's All So Beautiful At Brookside

The Boy's in all their Splendour !! 😁👍😎

Newly arrived
This Brazilian Funky 15 window bus, with more glass than Trump Tower !!  😊😁

A 1964 13 Window De Lux Walk Through
OG seats, OG trim and SWR-GB
Going to be Stunning !!! 😁👌

Another Beauty FOR SALE
1963 Sub Hatch with Ice Pick Door Handles, Small Back Window.
In from Texas
SJ Loves this one !! ❤👍

James T2 bus in for some major rust repairs !!  😨😥🔨🔧

Alex Party's Beetle arrived for Tune Up, Lets put that GT back into a GT, Bartender !!  😆😀🎉

Stunning '67   15 window of Roger and Jo.   Groovy !! 👍😁

Martin's 2.0 litre injection giving us some problems!!   But we don't give in that easily !! 🔧👌 😁

Kath and Blakes 2 litre AirCooled T25, now already to rumble !! 😀🔧👌

T2 Bay of '75 Vintage 😎
Split and leaking Ball Joint rubbers are MOT issue !! 😢
Get them fixed or you will end up reading The Big Issue !!

More soon VDubbers, and call us for your AirCooled Repairs and Sales !! 😀