Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumn Equinox at Brookside !!

 Hey Pop pickers ! Hope you are all ok, like the SJ ! Falco !  and here we are with Tony and Karma's 1978 dancing roof rack ! Funky !
 Here is the serious business of replacement rear T25 wheel bearings on delightful Debbies T25
 Here is the drive shaft being carefully removed, don't go mad or you will have more sheared bolts than Husain Bolt !
 The hub assembly removed and old bearing races being carefully driven out

 Here is what is what you are left with with brake drum assembly removed also.
 Paul's T25 getting the same treatment, my MOT man, Andy Andrews, will be so happy !
 Here are Debbie's new front brake discs having the wheel bearings carefully refitted
 Another view, and note new bearing race fitted.
 Voila !!!   Look at that new assembly fitted with new brake pads. This will stop on a six pence !!
 Jeff and Chris's lovely hot summer of '76 (remember Blackpool Pleasure Beach !) Just had oil gauges fitted. Cool !!
 Our very own Tin Top '77 Bay featured on top of the pops Creme Brulee Tour Bus
Up for sale, give me a call !!
Look at that groovy landing light !!What till you see this one .

Much more soon, including funky earthen interior funky pop pickers !! xx

Friday, 18 September 2015

September Salutations !!

SJ Falco's Trekker in action!
Here is the man himself, proprietor of The Legendary Brookside VW Aircooled !
How are you all Pop Pickers?  Here is our '77 Factory Tin Top having an interior refurb. 2.0 injection that purrs like a swiss watch !
Up For Sale, hurry! Enquire at SJ Falco !

Here is Pop Picker Pete's stunning '78 panel van, all OG and tuned with electronic ignition. fitted by us. Now goes like a Euro Fighter !
Tracey and Jez's T25 in for brake work, funky bus this Volks !

Bye for now, have a great weekend, from all the team at Brookside VW's ! x

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Martin, We Want Total Resto

Ok everyone, we are on the runway so here we go !!  
Here's Martin working on our very different sixties cool Catalina.  Groovy !
Look at those headlamps and stunning sixties chrome !

Simon Unleashes A Storm

Balaclava Heights Crimea, Officers mess September 1854
Jenkins !!! Whats that black bottle doing on this table !??
            Sir it's is not a black bottle, It's a bottle of Port Sir !
 Jenkins !!!, I will not have beer on this table !!!
            Sir, you are mistaken , it's a bottle of Port!        
                             Later on that morning ............
Jenkins !!! What do you want...??
            Sir, we are going the wrong way !  Turn Right Right for God's Sake !!
Nonsense Jenkins Follow my Squadron !
            Sir you are mistaken !!  We will loose The Light Brigade !! 

Sparks Flying , It's VW time and Oh I was day dreaming again !
That me on the floor break dancing !
We have been having a great time, sorry for late Blog Pop Pickers !

Eastnor Castle August 2015

Here are some Brookside customer Buses, What a line up !

The Band meets up with Folk Duo, 'La Cascade ' ! Look out for the new single !
Z's beautiful Riviera, what a lovely untouched bus this is from California 
Simon and Martin and Steyer, just as Beautiful  HeHe !!

Customers Rides

WOW, look ! Dave's Karmann Ghia in for fornt end respray in Savanna Beige. This 1967 vehicle form hippy era is so nice.
Jason's '64 Splitty in for a service and brake adjust
T2 Late Dormobile with funky roof canvas '70's style. T-Rex loves this one, Get It On !
Jail Bar's fitted on Russell's Bus , Alcatraz couldn't keep him in !!

Ann in her lovely 2001 Beetle, just MOT'd, note big smile. Another SJ Club Classic !

Martyn's Mouse Grey '67 Splitty , as iconic as Jimmy Hendrix !

Psychedelic Guru !

Tony's untouched Panel Van, as rare as they come with 1600 engine. Just tuned with electronic ignition.

We also fit gauges, air speed, altitude, cock pit temperature HeHe !
Tracey's funky T25. In for rear brake overhaul, so she doesn't have to use a parachute to stop !!

Si an H's '71 Westy all the way from Idaho , 1600 twin port
Another view
Debbie's stunning T25 Brazilian Orange, what a Brazilian Beauty. !!
Hey Volk's, who fitted that funky roof rack !! ??

The T25 again, WOW
Lights Camera Action !  Martyn's Bus lite up light like San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge !  PS Once flew over that in my old 'Tiffy' !  SJ Falco !

SJ Falco Is Back !!

Some great Pictures of our dog Mazee, the Steyer on a recreational day out Anyway, much more soon . Look out for the new Creme Brulee La Cascade single !! and I'm off to my Wine Cellar to find my Great Grandsfather's Black bottle of Port !!! Bye for now VDubbers, and thanks for viewing this blog SJ Falco and Team ! x :-)