Sunday, 21 January 2018

It's All So Beautiful At Brookside

The Boy's in all their Splendour !! 😁👍😎

Newly arrived
This Brazilian Funky 15 window bus, with more glass than Trump Tower !!  😊😁

A 1964 13 Window De Lux Walk Through
OG seats, OG trim and SWR-GB
Going to be Stunning !!! 😁👌

Another Beauty FOR SALE
1963 Sub Hatch with Ice Pick Door Handles, Small Back Window.
In from Texas
SJ Loves this one !! ❤👍

James T2 bus in for some major rust repairs !!  😨😥🔨🔧

Alex Party's Beetle arrived for Tune Up, Lets put that GT back into a GT, Bartender !!  😆😀🎉

Stunning '67   15 window of Roger and Jo.   Groovy !! 👍😁

Martin's 2.0 litre injection giving us some problems!!   But we don't give in that easily !! 🔧👌 😁

Kath and Blakes 2 litre AirCooled T25, now already to rumble !! 😀🔧👌

T2 Bay of '75 Vintage 😎
Split and leaking Ball Joint rubbers are MOT issue !! 😢
Get them fixed or you will end up reading The Big Issue !!

More soon VDubbers, and call us for your AirCooled Repairs and Sales !! 😀