Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Julys Jubillys!!

HEY!!! JUST BACK FROM GLASTONBURY ITS BEEN GREAT!!!!ON STAGE WITH CREMME BRULEE,KENNY AND THE KRUNCH!!! AND MUCH MORE! Anyway here is Weathergirl Claires fab 71 Beetle in for mot 1200cc rare and so Curvy!

Our Tour Vehicles!

Richards T25 also in for MOT Luxury Bus This with plenty of Space and Lovely Drive.

The Lovely Debbies T25 in for Body Refurb with its nice roof also room inside for The Band!

Add here is Billy The Bus just out of the Paintshop we love That I Can Be Seen For Miles Colour!

On with the Sunglasses to View Billy!

Rear 67 split Bumper going on SOOOOON!!!

The Front Bumper ready to go on please fit with care or you will have more scratches than my Old 45 Record Collection Yes Volks I was once a Rock Jock Not Half Pop Pickers!!

Rear View of S and Hs 71 Westy its going forward all the time like Dr Who!

The Westy Tent fitted tricky Job but well worth doing.The OG Table is in and the Og Seats are going in soon wait till you see the Curtains!

The Steyer in for a Pint!

The Westy Tent being fitted with Schofield Roof seals they look great!

Another shot of the Photo taken-everywhere Steyer.

Lovely Jubbly Looks!

Liz and Phils T2 Bus cannot wait to fit this one together the Paint is now Dry. LETS GET TO WORK!


Great colour scheme with Alloy Wheels Billy will be Proud!

Just out the paintshop.

71 tent being carefully fitted when its quiet and I am not playing with my Band and Tambourines!!

The interior of the T2 1971 Lets Get That Motor Running And Head Out On The Highway!!!

The Interior and Door Handles Refitted.

Masked up in the Paintshop ready to Roll!

DEmasking the Paper.

Another View of the great T2.

Mazee The Dog loves my Jerry Jeep!

Another view.

Mak up carefully or you will get the colours wrong!


The 67 Bus with engine lid and seals.

Its indicator and Electrics now a Job for Mart The Sparks!

The Mighty 63 Subhatch! Anyway off we go again and look out for New Summer Single !!! SJ,XX

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BrookSide Goes To Glastonbury!!!!

Hi everyone and Welcome to Brookside VW Van Emporium!  Here we go! Chocs Away!!!

James And The Giant Peach rare Twin Slider T2 Bay!

Lovely Old Bus and those Peaches are really yummy!

77 Hightop Riviera off to the Weekend Show soon!

My Trekker love that Patina!

Marky Websters T2 Bus passed its MOT At Last!! Behind is Student Debbie Harrys Bus!IN For Refurb On The Farm its all good Volks!

twin slider in action! Here we are removing Trim to fit Rear Seat Belts

Simon and Lous rare Dormobile funky Sunvisor and fitted with Electronic Ignition goes like a Rocket!!

Also Andys rare 67 RHD Dormobile Split Screen having its Panels Lined Up!

Simon And Harriets T2 Bus its looking great!

Cylinder Head Drama! 2 Litre from Geoff and Christines Bus had Sunk Valve it looked like The Titanic!!All fixed now!

Fitting rear Wheel Bearing take it easy or you will end up at Selly Oak Aand E!


1943 Steyer and Driver!

Mazee likes a Pint To!

Ready to go back in the 2 litre Air Cooled engine.

Don't forget to change The Gear Box Seal !

Repairing 71 Westy Rof nice Job!

On M y Operating Table !

Dave with his old 67 Beetle all fixed all Happy!

Simply Stunning!

Wheres the Driver!

More Happy Customers! Geoff and Chris drive away there Devon To Devon we worked so hard to get that done for them!

The Steyer so rare over here 4 litre petrol and 6 cylinders!

Good Shot of the 4WD Levers.

westy roof stay.

Rear Bearing again !

New CV Boot for MOT.

New rear Flexi Pipes for Mot on T2 bay of 71 Vintage,

Christine and Pierres Bus in for MOT Work 1975.

Richards 79 Viking Roof in for Stereo and speakers!

T2s everywhere!

Debbies T25

Anthonys lovely T2 in for Valve Adjust,Timing and Carb Tune up!

1965 Split in for work also.

lets rock and roll!

Lights on lets GO!

kevin from Bewdleys bus T2 needs rear backing plate for MOT!

Also Kevin Telephone man from BT BUS In for Bubonic Plague repair!


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MARTS 67 Split Screen nearly done ! watch this space and see you soon pop pickers!SJ.