Wednesday, 13 June 2018

D Day at Brookside

Our 1975 Brazilian 15 Window 'Delux. Just waiting for DVLA paperwork 🚎
Up For Sale.....give us a call !!


Lovely Full Width Bed!! Stunning Interior also. Smell the Brazilian Coffee 😃

Going Loco in San Paolo !!

Mike and The Mechanic's Porsche Speedster in for repair. All done and he Took Off Down Flight Deck !! 😁

Here we have Kev's T2 2.0 litre engine bay painted!! The Reverend will be Raving !!  😁

Flat 4 ready to go in. Nice and Easy 👍

T25 Synchro in for Tyre Change.... Never Tyre of seeing this Rare PHD vehicle .

Poor Rob and Chloe were flooded out, so we put them up at The Brookside Hotel!!   All fixed now 😎

Tony's Time Capsule Beetle in for Tune Up and Leaking Gearbox Gaiters. Lovely Patina on this '72 VW 🔧

More soon and look out for New Creme Brulee Summer Smash Hit Single " Your Too Sexy For Your Bus" !!! 🤣🤣