Friday, 30 November 2018

November at Sunny Brookside !! 🌤

In the Paint Shop, this '64   13window Delux walk through.......Delightful !! 😁
Such a paint combo !! Ceiling wax red and Beige grey.  OG colours for 1964 !!
The roofs were only painted for motor show displays like The Geneva Motor Show !!  👍

Stripped down 1664cc Air Cooled engine, and note the 1963 Subhatch behind !! 👌

Richard and Robin's 1977 Beetle in for repair  🔧

Atmospheric photo of welding in action !!  👍

Marc's Funky Brazilian Beach Bus, all finished 😀

Dave the Rave's Ghia in for small repair on front panel.
1967 and every one was sold off the showroom floor !! Oh I need a TARDIS !! 💖

Also in from 1967 Flower Power Era, this Pontiac Catalina for a brake overhaul 🔧🔧

Young V Dubber Isabella 💖💖💖

And finally, Jason's Karmann Cabriolet, in stunning condition 🌟🌟
In for Full Service .  I't's 1976 and it's a hot summer, I need an ice cream out here !! 🍧🍦

More soon Guys and Gals.
Love from SJ and his Crazy Gang at Brookside VW's 👍👍😁😁