Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Augustus Maximus !!

Ok, August already......... Here's Adam's jack point being forcefully removed from the Premises !! πŸ› 

Our Stunning '64 split Screen Patina Bus !! 😍

Roger and Jo's Stunning '71 Bay for Wedding Hire. They drove from Sunny Somerset to Sunny Brookside VW for their repairs !!πŸ˜€

Ash for Cash, the smile says it all....... Happy days !!

Paul and Lynn's T4, now ready for France holiday πŸšπŸŒ…⛱🌝

Rogers '67 Delux being welded, wait until you see more of this Flower Power People !!

We loved these Mats in RHD walk through πŸ€—

WOW, Wolfie and Jane's '65 Sundial !! Turns more heads than Taylor Swift !!! 
Stunning interior and paint 😎😁

Flower Power '64  🌼🌷

A happy Simon Dormobile. Si and Lou got married and this is their Wedding Bus πŸ‘°πŸ€΅

Much more soon....... 
Si and Co at the Funny Farm !!