Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Crunchy VW's at Brookside !!!

Here is a new sill prior to spot welding on Silky '65 Split Screen

Hermanns Beetle   " I'm in pieces, bits and pieces "    Great!!

Si and Lou's '72 Dormy looks so Super Suzi Quattro !!

Pick of the Pop's Pop Picker "Poppy" in for steering anti-roll bar....... You Gotta Roll With It !!!

Daves Curvy bodied Ghia in for sill replacement........more curves than Marilyn Monroe...'not arf!!

Harry Jenkins loves T2 Bays!!
OK look for the New Creme Brulee single  "Christmas Smarty Pants ! "

Have a good Christmas all you veedubbers !!

from SJ and everyone at The Funny Farm !! xx

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Split Screens are Go !!

1966 Sundial going in to the paint shop for primer !

And look at the '67 Dormobile, it's paint shop time for that also !

Rob's '71 Delux has a pulley drama!   All fixed soonπŸ˜‰

Jason and Sarah's '68 Bay being assembled with new 1641 pistons and barrels  Go !! 😎

There they are !😡

What a year!  The Monkees are at No1 with "I'm a Believer" πŸ˜€ 

More soon V Dubbers !!  xxx  πŸπŸ‘

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Octoberfest at Brookside !!

Autumn is here !

The '66 Sundial .......... virtually rot free !
Look at that Roof Rack and windows, it's "Hey Mr Tambourine Man !" :-)
She is from Reno Nevada !
UP FOR SALE......... give us a call

Here it is again having front floor section replaced ....... nothing but the best !!

Also on the go is the Fab '67 Dormobile ......ready for the paint shop !
ALSO UP FOR SALE ........give us a call

We are busy !  T25 and a lovely bunch of Buses .......great !

Roger and Jo's T2 with Party time roof !!

Spacious workshop and look at those curvy beauties !!!

Sorry for the late blog..... been in L.A recording the New Album !!
" Si and His Air Cooled Crew "

Bedtime at Brookside !!

WOW !!!! Not seen a Sun Set like this before !!

Here is Roy and Sarah's " Greek Godess " bed all fitted in !

Mr Cutlers lovely '72 Beetle in for MOT work ........ all ok now Vdubbers !

Sam's 1200cc '72 Bug in for Exhaust Drama's !!
It's like EastEnders here !! :-)

It's Dormobile time next !
Watch out for this one Volks !

Here she is, '67 Split Screen.....Super Rare RHD !!
Going to play Hendrix in this one!!

Got my Jerry Truck out
1943 model Steyer with Bussing 6 cylinder flathead
Esso, BP and Shell all love me !!!

Here come the American's !!!
Look out for this New York New Yorker.... pop pickers !!

Roger's lovely Delux Devon Dee-Lite in primer and primed to go in the Spray Shop !!

Rob's Texan Tintop '71 T2 with Patina..... Cool !!

WOW !!

'65 Walk Thru Splitty...... real cruiser this !!

Check your timing or you won't get to the Church on Time !!
2 litre rocket engine !

Smiling Andy in his T2...Arlo The Bus !

More soon and look out for the New Creme Brulee Dance Floor Filler !!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Florence and the Machine at Brookside !!!

Back on the Blog, now we're back in the Smog, after our holiday !!!

Waiting at the Docks........ Ships Ahoy !!!

Sunny French weather..... Happy Days !!!

A fantastic find😁

 The boys have been to France, they're now back in full swing at the workshopπŸ˜†πŸ˜‹

Florence the Bus in for an Oil Leak..... all good now..... Love that roof rack !

Rob's '71 Deluxe Tintop with Visor, nearly ready to go !     All the way from Alamo Texas WOW πŸ˜ƒ

Roger and Jo's '79 Devon Deluxe in for lower half body work.......nice bus this !!

Also T2 Westphalia '73 model and great California Import !!    Where's my surf boardπŸ˜‰

Nick and Laura's great '72 Tintop with super cupboard's and trim. In for MOT and service! 
Away all Boats !!!

And finally, Roy' and Sarah's Greek Goddess bus, look at those Smiling Happy People!

Si and H's '71 Westy, more Smiling Happy People !!

The Brookside VW Air Crew did it again!!!  😊

More soon

SJ and the Crew x