Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Simon's Sunshine Band at Brookside !!

Ok guys, this bus has not ran since 1974 !! 1500cc engine sounds like the 60's, on our '64 split screen !

 Hey, it's 1964 again with this Fab Patina Split Screen SO33 optioned bus !

Raiders Retro look is all the rage and this bus has all OG cabinets, icebox, curtain rails, radio, 6 pop out windows and OG lino that your Grannie cleaned !

Here is Roger and Jo's '70 early Bay about to be sprayed L90 D Pastel White, what a cracker !!

Zorba the Greek bus ready for MOT and OG mirrors with Greek Logo's !   Rare bus this Volks 1971 !

Billy the Bus ready for collection and now with a brand new 1641cc engine and new MOT........ how's that for service !!!

If you have strange noises from your rear end, you have Major Drama's !!  Tony's 1978 Panel van needed driveshaft renewal...... all ok now Major !!

Atmospheric pic of Brookside workshop, Note - tape holding new door seals on Zorba, and Tony's bus on the ramp.

Finally Volks Zeddy,  a rare '77 Riviera Vista has had Electronic Ignition dizzy fitted. Don't forget to re-set your plug gaps and re-time the 2.0 engine. Fantastic !!

Much more soon and enjoy !   SJ and Co x

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