Sunday, 20 March 2016

'64 Subhatch at Brookside

'64 Bus coming alive again !!  It's MOT time soon Volks !

 Roger and Jo's 1971 Riviera,  Rust Free  T2 with it's shiny respray.
Here she is again with side windows and seals fitted.
Tailgate area being built up, OG lamps and USA Spec reverse light.... nice !

Ed and Willow's biscuit Red Cross Parcel !
Chris Riviera T2 bus with sliding door inner sprayed OG L90 D Pastel White..... looks great !!
The tailgate vents spayed also !
Si and Lous '72 Dormobile in for service and rear wheel bearings.
Check 'em or you will have 3 wheels on your Wagon !!
Here they are being fitted, so wheels still rolling along ! He He !!
Here is James and the Giant Peach's engine being assembled..... nice work !!
The New Creme Brulee Tour Bus and Love Songs Album out soon on vinyl !!!

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