Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Brookside April Specials !!

 James and the Giant Peaches superb engine bay   WOW

New fuel tank also fitted, fiddly job !

JGP's painted engine bay and powder coated petrol tank cover, nice detail work.

Nearly finished, nice BugPack exhaust.

Simon's '64 Subhatch having OG style veneer roof lining, this will be varnished.

Looking fantastic !!

Cabinets sanded and varnished, this is going to be great.
MOT'd and on the road soon !
65k on the clock, yes true, and drives like new !!

Getting the ice box sanded too, need a JD on the rocks !

Si and H Forces T2 Westy having door window trim overhaul, tricky work but worth it Volks !

And here is Roger and Jo's '71 Riviera, very OG engine bay, nice work !

Petrol tank removed for work, how OG is that? USA imported bus, that's FAB !!

Achtung!!  Dog Loose !!

My Grandad's car, ok not VW but 2 door cool cruiser !!

OK, more soon and on stage with Jefferson Starship and the one and only SJ's Creme Brulee !!!!

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