Saturday, 27 February 2016

Zorba the Greek Bus at Brookside !!!

Roy and Sarah's Bus from Greece. A rare panel van with Greek Logo's.

Suspension, Front discs and pads, hoses changed. 
Note the copper grease on the suspension, fantastic work !!

Rear driveshaft and CV joints needed changing also.

Zorba's new CV joints !  This bus has seen some Greek dancing    ooh la la !!

Kefalonia roads have ruined rear bearings......... not an easy job !

New hoses too

Fantastic work done here !

Here's our '64 Split Sub Hatch, repairs coming on great, WOW !!

The white bug gets a new handbrake cable !

Tsilivi Beach will never be the same without Zorba the Bus !!

Much more soon Volks,   
Si and the Greek gang are off for some Ouzo and plate smashing  :-o 

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