Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The End Of May BrookSide Bonanza!!!!

Here we go again! its Squadron Leader SJ!! And just back from Sortie over St Mere Eglise Ho Ho!

On the Runway at Biggin Hill this Bay of Pierres in for Roofpaint! New seal on Poptop and more.

617 Veteran Peter The Great in for bumper repairs!

Its Jamaican Ginger Cake Dance Trouppes very own Tour Bus in for MOT!

Another View of  Pierres BUS of 75 Vintage! COOL!!

Flat Four Cylinder Head of Richard The IIIs!! Spark Plug on M6 due to worn thread. Rescued By Brookside and now back in Action!!

The Spark Plug and look at that damaged thread. This was Helicoiled by our own Engineer Harry!

Screen removed for Top Half REPAINT!

T2 Inner Sliding Door Repair Panel for Simon And Harriets 1971 Early Bay keep your eyes open for this one!

Richards very nice Viking Conversion of 1978. You can Party in this one!

Another Veteran REA of Stuart Smilees! We look after this one in for MOT and more! 1972 And 1641cc.

Voodo Lady! You drive me Crazy! HE !he!

Just in from Norway LHD Tintop with Flat Four and Meschersmitt Fuel Injection! BREAK RIGHT BLUE LEADER!!!

On the ground has Fuel Leak!!!

The1943 Steyer on Route To The Pub! Trekker Behind.

The Steyer....fab Vehicle a real head turner!

Removing the  Main Bearing from 1600cc Air Cooled ENGINE ,

Mark your Conrods prior to fitting New Bearings or you will here a Big Bang!!!

Sam And Fionas and Daughters Bus with new rear bearings and brake Cylinders.

Mart Slittys fab 1967 Bus with new Front Wheel Cylinders. NOTE PERFECT CHASSIS!!!

And here is another perfect chassis of SI and Harriets T2 71 FROM USA NO ROT!!

Look at that Lino! Reminds me of my Moms Kitchen!!!

Now VW Pop Pickers! The sliding Door Sill very Caefully Welded on make sure you measure this or your Sliding Door will end up in The Channel!!

Hey!! Could be good Again The Old Band back together!!LOL!Look At That Fit , A SJ Van Jansen Special!

The Dog in good mood! Just Chomped my Setee I did not like the colour of it anyway!

Oh ...the style the Panache and Skill of The Brookside Panzer Crews!!!

Good Picture this look at those 67 Split Walk Thru Seats an Laquered Headling all OG and so so COOL!1! SJVJ Special!1 OHHH Am loving this!!!
Here is the great 64 Subhatch and look at those 2 Bullet Holes....I knew the Enemy were still in St Mere Eglise!

Last but not least Dave and Crols Ghia of 67 Vintage in for Brake Adjust,see you soon got some Jamaican Ginger Cakes to MAKE!!!

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