Monday, 15 June 2015

Busmania At BrookSide!!!!!

Ok everyone its all on the go here! Here is Super Simon and Harrietts 71 Westy Bus touched with a You Have Been Tango Paintbrush!

Mart driving LHD Riviera.COOL CRUISING!!

The OG dashboard.....Funky and Fab!

Its what Summer is all about!

Up for Sale NEVER WELDED from Sunny California! Please enquire but tell The Wife First or you will be Sleeping in it!!!

Well we do like to be different made a decision ...this 42 Half Track or The Wife!

Arriving soon!! Ialways get my own way I am The SJ!!!

Right On!!!! And at 5mpgallon who cares!

1943 Diamond T. 2miles per Gallon!!!

Breakdown Recovery at The Brookside Vws!!

Very nice 1965 Vintage Split Screen with OG interior.

Si and Hs 71 Bus at The MOT test Station! Did it Pass?

Of Course it did ! we love this one and its new Owners love it to!

Lets rock and roll with this rock and roll Bed!

Inlet Manifold Sleeves being changed on Beetle Engine check yours!

They pull in Air and she wont Run will she Pop Pickers!

The 71 Westy Bus, note louvered Windows,lhd from sunny Oregon1

New Rear Wheel Bearings the inner being replaced we have got these in stock!

ERRRR Not sure! could be Bubonic Plague!!!

JAMES And The Giant Peaches T2 Twin Slider brake discs being replaced!




Mr Janti from Kenyas vw bueetle of 75 vintage in for service and MOT! Another Happy Customer!!!!

Bubonic Plague Drama! os rear chassis call a Doctor!! Call Doctor SJ!!

Patient on the Mend! Another stunning Repair!!! front inner panel T2 Bay of James.

Wheres The Battery TRay? Call The SJ!!!

And having a Pint after work! 43 Steyer and Kubelwagen1!

Achtung! 2 pints of Lager Sil Vouz Plays!!

Its Playtime!!!

LHD From Normandy!

Good picture of Dash,4wdrive,handbrake,dials and more!

Not for Sale!!!

New inner rear wheel bearing and CV boot for MOT. Shoes and wheel cylinders!

Neil,Poppy aand wife Hulias bus on The Runway! Note SAfaris!

1965 and back on the Road again! its what our job is all about!

James Twin Mount Aerial!

Chrome VW Badge fitted,cool!

Sophies 21 like me! HE HE!

Geoffs 2 litre bus has Piston Dramas like Eastbenders! lets get her fixed for him!

James Twin Slider Doing The Slide! What A Dance that is give it a Go!!

Spectacular vehicle saved from extinction!

Oh The Shine!!

My Trekker ready for France Trip Soon,cannot wait!

Clives T25 in for Thermo Switch and Marcs Bus in for Mot and service!

Lots of Room with a view! The James bus.

Simon and Lous rare RHD Dormobile in for Electronic Ignition fitted at A Non Shocking Price!!

Also Andrews 67 RHD split screen Dormobile Walkthru having her nearside panels fitted,she is really looking good and it will be offside long panel soon! Rare Bus This !

Wow! Its as nice as Bruges Red Wine Si and H!!! Well enjoy yourselves everyone and look out for The Brookside Famous Blog!!!!!!

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