Saturday, 9 May 2015

Its Butlins At BrookSide!!!!

HHHHEEEYYY POP PICKERS!!!!!! And here is a 1971 T2 Westy Bus just in From Idaho. She wants some work and has Landed Here!

And also in is this Fab 64 Subhatch complete with icebox and rare Cabinets,curtain rails ,og uncut Dash and Radio!! What great Patina throughout and up for Sale!! Bring some Oxgen She is not Cheap!!!

OMG!!! Look at that Roofrack,Bumpers and 15 inch Rims!! Has all OG glass.OG Lino,and more!

Ultra Rare Ice Box!! Ice Ice Baby!!!! also rare Wodden Roof Panel and super Birch Headling!!!

Here is the 67  Splitty in the workshop being built up we love it! More soon and Its Big Johns Nightclub and Dancing with Mrs S Van Jansen!!! See you soon,The Legendary SJ And Team.XX
What a View its a Full House here and no room at the Bar!!!

My Trekker181 just out of storage and me and mrs Jansen cannot wait to have a ride in her!!!!

Its 1943 again and The Whermacht is on the move!!

You cannot buy 90 Billion miles of The Atmosphere!!! Puts a grin on peoples faces all the time!!!

And here is Matts 1978 Bus having Jack Point Repair.Nice Westphalia with lovely Interior and POP Up Roof Popsters!!

Nearside Inner Arch had some Mice in her to!!!

Complete CV boot replaced also and make sure you tighten those Bolts up!

Inner Sill wants welding also and be careful Bonfire Night is a long way away!

Another Drama being Co Precipitated !1! Axle Tube has Tin Mice also lets see if they want a Brookside Biscuit!!!

Check your Wheel Bearings or you will be Singing 3 Wheels On My Wagon!!!

Steve and Angies Super Water Cooled T25 With Continental Kit,headlamps 5 Speed Gearbox and Warm Heater!! They are Spoilt!!!!

Robert and Orras lovely 67 Split Screen Funky Bus!!!! Now in Sunny Galway and having a Pint of Guinness or 2!!!

Roof Toggles being fitted they are much Stronger than aftermarket.

Wheeling in Mr and Mrs Mark Wheelers New Urethane Gearbox Coupling! No more Sloppy Moves here Vdubbers!

Great Chassis but 3 minor Dramas its Those Mice Again!!!

Front Chassis had Dramas also but not a problem for us Guys!

Neil and Huliias  paperwork has arrived from VOSA So we can now drive the BUS at last!

ALL IN FOR WORK ARE 67 Beetle,75 BUG.77 BAY.78T25,72DEVON AND 90T25 Its all go!

Just in this 64 Subhatch and Phil and Sarahs Bus awaiting Transport tp Paintshop!

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