Saturday, 21 February 2015

The March Of BrookSide Is Near!!!!!!

HEY!!! here is Steves 1978,what a year! T2 BAY WESTPHALIA from Sunny SAN  FRANCISCO!!!! in for MOT and Service !!

Joe The Vannagon LHD T25 in for Gearbox Repair funky Bus this one and you can Dance to The Disco SJ in this One!!

Our very own Rhd Dormy having front end Metalwork.Look at those fab Panels its like The WonderWerks in here!!!

Here is another View more Scenic than Buckingham Palace!!Line them up carefully Volks or she will look like The Day Of The Triffids!!!

Here is Guitar Man Clives very own T25 being Fitted Up by the Sweeney!!

We got a great Finish on this one and she really looks the part now!

See what I mean? Its all in the detail bumper is Rare German Spec,very European we are impressed!

Now here is the RHD old Floorpan being removed careful drilling with the Spotweld Cutter here or you will end up striking Oil in Dallas !! Note great Sections to weld to,SJ loves this one!!

Stevies 78 bay having Driveshaft Boots replaced change them if Split or you will end up doing Thee AA Breakdown Shuffle!! Lol!!

Just coming out of The Heated Spray Booth! Look at that Shine which can be seen from The Kremlin!!!
Here she is again, Look at that Sparkle its like looking into Mrs SJ Van Jansens Eyes!! Out with The Band tonight with Taylor Swift so see you all soon SJ and the Team at Brookside VW americans ,Take Care Pop Pickers!!!

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