Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Here we go again Volks! And old Chevy Truck What a Motor that was!

Driver Chris loves this one!

So Does our Mascot Mazee!! Woof! Woof!
And here is a rare 1967 RHD Dormobile Split Screen Camper!! Og Velvet Green Paint and Pearl White! Guess What Pop Pickers its a Walk Thru Rarer Than Rocking Horse Manure!!!

Ok lets turn it into a Work of Art!!

Yes! RHDrive and Walkthru Dormobile!

Better Looking than me and Mrs Jansen!!

On her way to new Home at Brookside! Van Jansen loves this One! Oh The Glory!!

Ok Found while walking The Dog Round The Corner! Sj Vj always has his eyes Open ! Look at that Floorpan repair!!! Only Sj Vj Can fix this One He! He!

The Romance of Rust!1!

The Front End prior to Replacement Panels!

The New Panels being made to fit Line up Like Line Dancing !

The Sj in Action! Where do we find these Men !!! Iys all about Team Work One man Don't make a Squadron!!!

And here is Clives T25 ready for paintshop with all Windows removed keep eye out for This One!

Panniers removed also and is that The Dog asleep!!!!

Welding inner front Panel on 67 WalkThru,Sparks Fly!

Steves 78 Bus is in for Mot...Nearside Wheel bearing is to be replaced not a easy job but Hey Ho!

And Battery Trays have held their last Batterys!!
More Soon and new single Featuring The Pet Shop Girls out soon!!! Not Half!! SJ Van Jansen! xx

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