Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Elvis at BrookSide!!!!!!

Here we go! ROB and JAYNEYS Bus at Hopwood Garage for Maiden Voyage!!
Here she is again with Orangey Tango Seats!!
Davids 66 Split S creen in for Welding and Electrical work,0nly 12 Volts so no Shocks Here.!
And Yes Elvis in Action! His fab Bus of 1970 Vintage here soon!
Mrs S J Van Jansen loves Him!!
And Mr S J Van Jansen takes to the Road in the rare Steyer!! 
Now here is Clives T25 In for Bodywork.
Rear Passenger Window needed Welding Repair! Be Careful here or she will go up in Smoke like a Hippy Drug Party!!
And Here is the 65 Pontiac Coupe.........
.....which will look like this!
Me and Mrs Van Jansen!!! By for now and more soon off to the Recording Studio in VEGAS with The Band!!!

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