Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Simon Unleashes A Storm

Balaclava Heights Crimea, Officers mess September 1854
Jenkins !!! Whats that black bottle doing on this table !??
            Sir it's is not a black bottle, It's a bottle of Port Sir !
 Jenkins !!!, I will not have beer on this table !!!
            Sir, you are mistaken , it's a bottle of Port!        
                             Later on that morning ............
Jenkins !!! What do you want...??
            Sir, we are going the wrong way !  Turn Right Right for God's Sake !!
Nonsense Jenkins Follow my Squadron !
            Sir you are mistaken !!  We will loose The Light Brigade !! 

Sparks Flying , It's VW time and Oh I was day dreaming again !
That me on the floor break dancing !
We have been having a great time, sorry for late Blog Pop Pickers !

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