Thursday, 24 September 2015

Autumn Equinox at Brookside !!

 Hey Pop pickers ! Hope you are all ok, like the SJ ! Falco !  and here we are with Tony and Karma's 1978 dancing roof rack ! Funky !
 Here is the serious business of replacement rear T25 wheel bearings on delightful Debbies T25
 Here is the drive shaft being carefully removed, don't go mad or you will have more sheared bolts than Husain Bolt !
 The hub assembly removed and old bearing races being carefully driven out

 Here is what is what you are left with with brake drum assembly removed also.
 Paul's T25 getting the same treatment, my MOT man, Andy Andrews, will be so happy !
 Here are Debbie's new front brake discs having the wheel bearings carefully refitted
 Another view, and note new bearing race fitted.
 Voila !!!   Look at that new assembly fitted with new brake pads. This will stop on a six pence !!
 Jeff and Chris's lovely hot summer of '76 (remember Blackpool Pleasure Beach !) Just had oil gauges fitted. Cool !!
 Our very own Tin Top '77 Bay featured on top of the pops Creme Brulee Tour Bus
Up for sale, give me a call !!
Look at that groovy landing light !!What till you see this one .

Much more soon, including funky earthen interior funky pop pickers !! xx

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