Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The BrookSide Restotruppen in Action!!!

Hello Vee Dubbers and here we go again lots happening! Here is Martins 64 Bus with rear bumpers!

The 71 Westy with interior fitted and look at that New Canvas Tent!

We Recommend Mad Matz Carpet Set for your Camper my Dog loves these1

71 Engine Bay showing Basic Carburettor.

Our Dog Mazee loves Seats also!

Looking better than ever and nearly Finished! Si and Harrietts  T2 Beauty!!!

At the Garage for Petrol and roadtest.

Out the weekend to Camperjam in 77 Riviera!!

This is the Life get that Wine opened!!

Lots of Room in this one!!

The Co Pilot! Steady as she goes!

The view from above.nice!

What a bus and look at those great Fields.

The Pilot!

Tea and Bacon Sandwich next Day!

Open Highway our Riviera 2Litre !!


Phil and Lizs T2 Bus being fitted Up she now has her Windscreens in and more.

James T2 Twin Slider.

Hubcaps are Go!

The Rear Window!

The Build up continues in The South!!!

The SJ Fitting Phils Sliding Door Seal take care here!

77 Tintop Bus on Ramp for Work.

Pauls rare 63 13 window nearly finished also!

Lights! Lights!

What a sunset! what a weekend! Much More soon!!! SJ!

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