Thursday, 2 July 2015

Melting Jublys At BrookSide!!!!

WOW Pop pickers! its snazzy Si,s and Harriet Jump Jets 1971 T2 Westy Bus nearly completed!

Earlier today but its gone 6 now and wait till you see this beauty!

USA Import VW 67 Splitty of Martins and Angie bumpers being fitted.

Rear Bumper also note cloth for protection we don't want these items Damaged ita all about taking care!

Brookside Assembly line is busy! Its All Things Bright And Beautiful ! he! He!

Phil and Liz get your Wayfarers on! They can see this from The Kremlin!!!

Wait till you see The Lovely Debbies T25 Will be soon from IO!



Fairweather Hello Clairs Beetle 71 Vintage in for MOT tomorrow!

Our very own SO33 Subhatch rare as Hens Teeth! Has og Crowfoot wheels and No its not for Sale!Goin g Busking in Frisco in this one!!

The Martians have Dropped This In From Mars!!!!!

HHHHEEEEEYYYYYY!1 Von Paulus From Transylvania has bought this in for Service 13 Window De Luxe Walkthru from California COOL As SJ!!1!

Cooling off in the Trekker!

ME! Cremm Brulee Band Leader!
  Looking for New Tambourine player!!!
Andy fro Bridgnorths Fab Trekker with OG Radio fitting.Convoy Lights and Ebersbacher Heater NICE!!!

Great condition and note rare Pennants and Lamps.

71 Westphalia Bus with OG Table,seats and more!

Nearly there and its out for Road Test!!!

The Paulus 13 Window on the Ramp for Work note DELUXE TRIM ,

67 Bus don't that look nice! All the effort pays off in the End!

The 71 Bus again got to go got Taylor Swift coming over for Tambourine Trial!!! Better get my Guitars out and The REst Of The Band!!! See You All Soon.The Legendary SJ! And Team at Brookside Farm!

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