Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Crunchy VW's at Brookside !!!

Here is a new sill prior to spot welding on Silky '65 Split Screen

Hermanns Beetle   " I'm in pieces, bits and pieces "    Great!!

Si and Lou's '72 Dormy looks so Super Suzi Quattro !!

Pick of the Pop's Pop Picker "Poppy" in for steering anti-roll bar....... You Gotta Roll With It !!!

Daves Curvy bodied Ghia in for sill replacement........more curves than Marilyn Monroe...'not arf!!

Harry Jenkins loves T2 Bays!!
OK look for the New Creme Brulee single  "Christmas Smarty Pants ! "

Have a good Christmas all you veedubbers !!

from SJ and everyone at The Funny Farm !! xx

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