Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Eggs For All !!!

Hi everyone its all Yummy at The Farm!
Pieere and Christines Bus a75 Bay now assembled with her windows its interior Time next cool lowered Bus!
Kevins 72 Westy in for Engine Dramas! always check your Gearbox seal this ones Leaking!

Engine removed now the Hard Work starts!

Another View of Pierres Bus in the Sprayshop its careful masking here.

Windows removed of course for neat finish and add Schofield seals for great Finish!!

1600ccAir Cooled Head being removed for Valve Re -cut .

Don't forget to Re Hone the Cylinder Bores or she will Smoke Like a Volcano!!

Also re-cut your Barrels to Cylinder Head Face or she wont look as nice as me!He!He!

Lap your Valves in carefully! Its all old school stuff Volks!

Kevins Cylinder Head needed Helicoil we are good at those this happens when Spark Plugs are overtightened use correct Torqe or you will be Talking to The AA Man!!

Clives RE Trimmed Interior! No more Grannies Boudiour!!


Martin Van Jansen in Action!!Carefully Torque up the Head Bolts.

Simon Van Jansen in Action on Dolly a rare 72 Dormobile!
Daves stunning 67 summer of Love Karmann Ghia!! In for MOT some Dramas included!1!
Also in this 65 Mustang for TUNE UP stay Tuned POPSTERS! MORE SOON and look out for more Funky and Cool VWs at the Brookside Museum!1! Sj Van Jansen and Team. XX!

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