Saturday, 14 March 2015


HELLO POP PICKERS! Here we go with Marcs 73 Westy Bus with leaking Master Cylinder check it for Leaks or Else!!

Don't forget the Wheel Cylinders either ! Or you will have The Sergeant Major after YOU!!

Here is the new one fitted and careful Bleed Up of the Brakes next.LOVELY Rhd BUS this.

WonderWorld WAYNE WINDOWS fitting Clives T25 conversion Windows we want to see out of them!

Now this is a 19657 Summer of love wheelarch being Drilled carefully by the SJ Van Jansen!!Get groovy and Get Dancing!1

The Wheel Arch removed note clean metal,and Petrol Tank removed on RHD Bus.Its all FUN POPSTERS!!

Welding in the new Wheel Arch line it up Line Dancers!!

Voila! And looking like a French Dish Like Me!!!!XX

Happy customer Russell and Abby in Heidi The Bus!!! Daughter Heidi loves this Disco Bus in for Service and Tune Up so Tune in at Radio Brookside!!!

Rare 77 Rviera about to be Test Driven by Hawker Harriett and Simon Cycles!!

Pierre of Francais and Christine Englands Bus in for REfurb!Nice DEVON Conversion.

What a View! Better than the Eiffel Tower but not as Nice as Mrs SJ Van Jansen.....or Me!Note Rhd Dormobile taking shape!

Marcs one owner from new73 Westy Fab! Thunderbirds are GO! Bye for now off to...well The Disco of course! YOUR SJ!!XX

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